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Rewind 6 months:

Again, another morning after... mouth dry and barren and head crashing like Rage against the machine are doing a show within my skull... Empty wallet, empty bed, same old, same old. Friday was pay day so a night out with the boys on the prowl was on the cards. Started off the evening in the cross, got chatting to a nice young lady, she even let me buy her all her drinks (Yeah, I know), moved on to Copa and got a bit more flirty, lots of smiles and winks, hit the dancefloor... Then, now or never, I tried to move things up a gear. Long story short, well, to paraphrase what she said when I tried to kiss her, “What the **** are you doing?! I’ve got a boyfriend!! Like I’d be interested in you like that anyway! Etc, etc.” Nice. So it goes...By this point I was too far gone to properly compose myself and effectively apply my wit and charm elsewhere...sadly.

Be Naughty Be Naughty Be Naughty

My mate Dan, who considers himself a bit of player, offered this bit of advice: “You put all your eggs in one basket mate, you gotta keep a few plates spinning at once!” Right, maybe so, but I like to think of myself as at the very least an aspirant gentleman and would like to be seen as such by my prospective bedfellows :). I was determined in my approach but obviously it wasn’t working as I hoped it would. I’m a stubborn chap, I’m fairly confident, so I looked into ways of broadening my playing field a little...

Be Naughty

I won’t beat around the bush (so to speak he he!) and provide a long winded excuse or justification for what I did next... I‘ll skip that and get straight to it. Online dating. There, I said it, and I ain’t ashamed of it either :).

My acquaintance with online dating

So, Yeah, Online dating, that neck of the woods... or Be Naughty to be more specific. Before you ask... It’s not something I’ve done or looked into before, I’m not a geek, and no I’m not desperate. I think my preconceptions of the online dating game were pretty much in line with the consensus, but then who would really vote in confidence for random drunken interactions with strangers in a bar as being the most organised strategy? ;)

Be Naughty Be Naughty

A friend of a friend, who shall remain nameless for PR reasons (I don’t think his girlfriend would be quite as favourable to hearing insights into his online dating shenanigans as me, when deep into the topic of the mating game on a hungover Sunday at the pub let me in on ‘his little secret’ as he called it (Yes I know, but I’m preserving his anonymity so it’s ok, right?). He revealed to me that one drunken evening browsing the net he took it upon himself to sign up with an online dating site called Be Naughty, out of ‘pure curiosity’ apparently ;). He went on to tell me that he really got into it, and without even intending to take it anywhere he got chatting with a girl and ended up meeting her for a quick date and ‘nightcap’ at hers the same weekend. More and more tales of his achievements sexual heroics and spilled out in parallel with the rate of booze being consumed, but I was already daydreaming with curiousity, and his slurring was getting tedious, so I thanked him for his wisdom and left him to it.

My own short story

So I Checked the site out, paid for the full membership fee so that was one obstacle already out of the way... Blah, blah, let’s have a look at the girls...Hello... Nice. Took a bit of care and attention and judicious application of wit and charm in filling out my personal profile and had a hunt for a decent pic on my pc. No, nothing, all bad photos. Am I really that vain? Over the years I’ve gotten used to, and quite content, with the fact that I look like the human that Bert from Sesame Street was modelled on :). It’s never been a problem for me before, why do I care now? Anyway, that end’s there. I plumped for ‘Cheeky Grin’ over ‘Dark and Serious’ for pretty obvious reasons and wrapped it up. Bedtime.

I actually turned my back on it for a few days as I had a stag weekend to go to, but when I did go on there again, just to browse through the girls on there, I saw I had already gotten a few messages. Two were from unknown’s who wanted to chat and one from an old school mate, well, she says mate, I was far too scared to talk to her in school so I couldn’t really call her that , who had moved back home and wanted to go on a date! Mental! I got chatting with another local girl who was online at the same time as me and had a good chat with her, not just giggly flirty chat, she’d just come back from travelling and had a lot of interesting stories to tell, after a few hours I felt like I’d actually gotten to know someone quite well. Well, lucky me ended up meeting her for a drink that same day!

Anyway... How that went is another story, and through Be Naughty I’ve gotten plenty more to tell! Have a peek at these friends of mine from Be Naughty:

photo1, photo2...

And yours truly…


I’ve been going on for a bit too long now I know, good on you if you’ve followed me this far ;) I ain’t going to evangelize for online dating or anything, if what you do works for you, wicked, keep it up. But if you fancy giving it a go...Do it!!! It’s so flippin simple that it ain’t going to cause you any stress, and if you want to save a bit of cash and combine lazing around at home with socializing with attractive ladies then here you have it :P...

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  • Rewind 6 months:

    I'm not playing and not ready for something serious yet, I think that's ok when girl wants the same as I do, we just spend nice time together and take as much as we can today.

  • Rewind 6 months:

    Cute chicks on pics, respect! But d'ya just play with girls or every single time you think it's love?

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  • My acquaintance with online dating

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  • My own short story

    Hi Kev, tel me please, is that a real story? Is that really that simple to pick up ladies online? I'm waiting for your reply...

  • My acquaintance with online dating

    Interesting story, Kev. I've never thought that guys like you will use dating sites to pick up girls, but it seems that it's just one more way to have fun......I think 'bout it...:)

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    Pretty nice, let's see what will I say about this famous BeNaughty in a month...

  • My own short story

    Great blog, thinking about to create something by my own, quite catchy and fun...!

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